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Mother and Bath Bomb/Soap maker!
All Natural, Non-Gmo, Cruelty Free, Organic ingredients! 
Bath Bombs, Soaps and Scrubs!
Small Batch

I know that 60% of everything you put on your skin goes into your blood stream!!!

So I have always been addicted going down the soap isle and smelling all the different scents and reading the labels found so many chemicals in them.  Your skin is like a sponge and all the chemicals are being absorb into your body.  In this day in age we get our fill of impurities.  So as I have been on a mission and reclaiming my health.  Detoxifying Though food and natural remedies.  Then I found this soap and felt better even after the first use.  

MY skin became firmer and brighter!

So I decided to share it!  

I use all natural, Non-Gmo and Organic ingredients.  I try my best to use Organic materials only.  Vegetarian ingredients because there is nothing like a milk bath.

Help others find their favorite scents and combinations to make themselves feel spoiled and healthier.  

Every bath bomb I make is Child Safe.  

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